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Hi there. Mark Dawson here and welcome to the Self Publishing Formula and specifically to our Facebook Ads for Authors course. This is Module 1, it’s very brief.

It’s a quick introduction to Facebook ads and what I hope to [about 00:00:13] to show you during this course. First of all, a general question, why should you be looking at Facebook as a platform for your advertising? First of all, at last count there were 1.4 billion people active on Facebook at any given time. Of that 1.4 billion, 70% of them checked in every day. Given that there’s such a huge audience on the platform, you can be pretty sure that your niche is represented. It doesn’t really matter how small it is, how niche it is, there’s an extremely good chance, in fact I’d go further than that and say that there’s complete certainty that there are other people on the platform that share your interests and are interested in the kinds of things that you’re writing about.

What’s really cool about Facebook advertising is that it’s possible to find these people. Precise targeting is possible. There are a suite of powerful targeting tools that Facebook makes available for its advertising platform that will allow you to narrow down the focus of your advertising so that you’re serving your ads just to the kinds of people who are interested in them. We won’t be sending our adverts generally because that would be a waste. We’ll be making absolutely sure that we target precisely and tightly so that our ads just go to the people who are most likely to do what we want them to do. First of all, a quick and slightly funny demonstration, just to demonstrate how niche is niche. To go one further than that, just to show you how precisely you can target your ads on Facebook.

Before we crack on, I just want to show you a funny story that did the rounds a couple months ago. The reason I want to show you this story is because it will demonstrate really effectively just how precise you can be with your targeting. If we go to Google and just enter Facebook prank advertising, the page you want is the first one that will come back. You can read this story at your leisure. I do recommend it, number one because it’s very funny and number two, because it does give a really good illustration of how powerful Facebook’s targeting is. The rough and ready overview is this, there are two guys in San Francisco. The first guy played a prank on the second guy and in retaliation, the second guy decided to use Facebook advertising to get his own back on the roommate.